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Hello, I'm Julie Ross Myers, aka Miami Writer LLC. I'm a Miami native and award-winning freelance writer who helps businesses get more leads and sell more products or services. I use the atomic power of words to fuel the success of solo entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.
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Let's uncover your big idea

Before you set up your website or do any marketing, you need to know your core sales proposition. That's where I come in. I help you see your business objectively. And I turn your truth into a clear, focused, and profitable (yay!) brand.
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Let's build your sales funnel

lead magnets
How can your website suck in leads like a vortex? And, more important, how can you attract qualified leads who are in the mood to buy? Lead magnets do the trick – and I help you get them done quickly, affordably, and correctly.
optimized website
Most companies build their websites before planning the content. Huge mistake. Plan the content first and your website will be a powerhouse of conversions and Google-love. Plus, it will last longer (most websites are rebuilt every 3-5 years).
targeted emails
Email is still the best way to nurture leads into clients. But inbox clutter means your emails need to be brilliant, not just good, to avoid the dreaded unsubscribe link.


Let's accelerate your revenue

explainer videos
Done right, a short, animated explainer video is pure marketing mojo. Let me craft a video that helps your business prospects understand how your product/service is the answer to their prayers.
sales materials
Don't send salespeople out naked. Arm them with the sales literature they need, whether that consists of simple sell sheets or more elaborate sales kits with impressive leave-behinds and order sheets.
Traditional media are powerful options when used correctly. Cable excels at introducing new or complex products. Print is a strong brand tool for fashion and luxury goods. 3D direct mail gets your message past gatekeepers to decision makers.
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