I'm Julie Ross Myers

Researcher | Analyst | Strategist | Creator

I help people (like you) make money

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I create magnetic brands

77% of consumers base their purchases purely on branding
I help companies build pragmatic brands that connect with customers on an emotional level.
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I write compelling copy

Words create emotion-based desire for your products/services

I help companies communicate with clear, powerful, and convincing online and offline content.

Trusted brands outperform competitors by 286% | Trusted e-commerce brands are 20% more profitable

Some great brands I've worked with
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Who I help

I help inventors, doers, and makers
self-funded startups
0-3 employees |
Min. $50,000 startup capital

I'll make sure there's a profitable market for your business product/service

angel-funded startups
0-10 employees |
Min. $300,000 startup capital

I'll uncover your unique value proposition and wrap it in a distinct brand voice

solo entrepreneurs
0-1 employees |
$30,000-$80,000 revenue

I'll clarify your personal brand and help you take it to the next level

0-5 employees |
$500,000-$1 million revenue

I'll help you grow a thriving company that fulfills your values

small businesses
5-100 employees |
$5 million-$50 million revenue

I'll help you nab bigger clients by looking and sounding more polished

professional groups
5-100 employees |
$5 million-$50 million revenue

I'll bring brand authority to your website and other marketing tools

midsized businesses
100-500 employees |
$50 million-$500 million revenue

I'll update or retool your family of brands

franchise companies
50-250 employees |
$50 million-$500 million in revenue

I'll brand your company and its franchise businesses

How I help

I tackle marketing problems so business owners can focus elsewhere

The whole megillah, from research to tone of voice and visual identity guidelines
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Inbound content marketing to attract qualified traffic to your website
sales copywriting image
Powerful sales copy that forges emotional connections and triggers desired actions
email marketing image
Email marketing including strategy, design, text, and quality assurance testing in Email on Acid
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Anything from :60 explainer videos to complex corporate training videos
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Elevator pitches, marketing and shareholder presentations, board of director meetings
Social media setup, strategy and posting for small to mid-size businesses
reviews image
Monitoring and handcrafted responses to reviews, including travel site reviews
graphic design services image
Visual identity, signage, marketing materials, forms, manuals, flyers, ads. packaging
business website design image
Affordable, easy-to-use small business websites from scratch with text included
Modestly priced e-commerce sites with custom features and email marketing
HIPAA-compliant portals with online bookings, payments, and sessions

Enough about me. Let's talk about you.

How's your marketing doing? Could it be better?


Recent articles

Stuff I'm thinking about, researching, and writing down

February 22, 2020
What copywriters need to know about flat design

Push definitions of branding are being replaced by the user-centric concept of "brand experience." Modern copywriters need a holistic understanding of how people interact with a brand.

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February 18, 2020
How to hire the right freelance writer for your business

Some businesses can by with low-priced writing from a content mill. Others need to hire a talented, high-priced writer. How can you know the difference?

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February 9, 2020
What makes a strong brand

What are the elements of a strong brand? This article summarizes them. With effort, small companies can build brand value if they stick to their brand promise in their marketing and customer interactions.

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February 9, 2020
How companies can regain trust

If consumers mistrust your brand, they will not give you their personal information on a landing page. They may browse your store but they will abandon their carts. And ultimately, they will choose a competitor over you.

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February 9, 2020
The cost of brand mistrust

Only 48% of the U.S. public trusts the companies they do business with. Mistrust comes with a cost. Low-trust brands underperform. On average, a 5% loss of trust decreases revenue by 5%.

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January 29, 2020
Should you hire a freelance writer on Upwork?

Upwork is a digital hive with thousands of writers buzzing to get hired. The Upwork algorithm favors writers who have numerous positive reviews. In order to accumulate reviews, a writer must take on dozens of low-paying projects. Experienced writers won't do this, but it can be a good platform for newbies.

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