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For years, 
I worked with big brands.

Now I help small businesses.

Hello, I'm Julie Ross Myers, aka Miami Writer. I'm an award-winning copywriter who's worked with dozens of global brands. Now I level the playing field for small businesses by offering big brand expertise at a humble price. I work with one or two clients per month. And, because I'm on the cusp of retirement, you get far more than you pay for. On my end, I look for an enjoyable challenge and a business I can feel good about helping to succeed.

I do branding the right way.

  I start with a deep dive into empirical research.

Branding is all about strategy. Why should someone buy from you instead of your competitors? Is there a strong market for your product? Who is most likely to buy? To answer these questions, you need research. Lots of it. Sadly, more small businesses get short-changed on their branding. They wind up with fluff not strategy.
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I get conversions.

Way back when, we called 'em results.

Technology changes how marketing is done, not the reasons people buy. Fundamental human needs and motivations are pretty stable, although something like Covid-19 disrupts how industries operate. When I began my career, advertising was split between brand awareness and selling. Then it was split between digital and traditional marketing. And now it is split between Web 1.0 (websites/email) and Web 2.0 (social media). Web 3.0, the "semantic web," which an AI-driven internet, is now underway. 

Social media is the engine behind millennial entrepreneurship and retail purchases like cosmetics and shoes. It is less effective for selling luxury brands and hotels, although it can reinforce the brand. In many ways, social media goes back to the days of print, when you either had sales or brand awareness. The mechanics of social media are not my thing, so I recommend working with an expert if social media and influencers are critical to your marketing. 

My strong suit is writing for Web 1.0. Most small business operate in Web 1.0 with some social on the side.

SEO- Friendly Writing

I stick to the basics of SEO copywriting, namely the search intent for each page. But, to be clear, I am not an SEO technician. If you have an e-commerce store or work in a highly competitive vertical like the law, you should have an SEO expert or agency on your team.
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Third-Party Prooofreading

After years of fighting reality, I've given up. I now accept that I should never proofread client work and, instead, I should recommend that clients seek outside help. This has been a bitter pill to swallow but I've learned my inability to proof is actually common among experienced writers.
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