I use branding to help online stores increase revenue.

I've been an award-winning copywriter for 30 years. I've done everything from TV spots to massive corporate websites. Now I do what I love best. I help online sellers make more money.
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Unhappy is a good start. 

If you run an online store, but aren't getting the results you want, I can help. 

Leave Amazon.

Amazon's re-pricing tool is horrible for sellers and great for buyers. Sure, Amazon owns 40% of e-commerce, but  81% of its shoppers  are cheapskates.

Charge higher prices.

Branding is like sex appeal.  You can't pin it down, but people are willing to pay a premium for it. A Lacoste polo shirt costs 200% more than a generic choice.

Get more sales.

Branding builds recognition, trust, and emotional connectedness. This means greater reach and lower costs with higher sales for every marketing effort.

What you can expect. 

A brand roadmap


Customer research

A deep dive into who your target market is and why they buy from you.
Your Customer Value Proposition
report + statement
starts at $799.99


Competitor research

An analysis of direct and indirect competitor sales messages
Your Unique Selling Proposition
report + statement
starts at $799.99


Creative thinking

What you can deliver better than others that customers want.
Your Brand Positioning
report + slogan + brand guidelines
starts at $799.99
The final step is bringing your brand to life. You don't need me to do this if you work with creatives or an agency. Otherwise, I can assemble a remote team and manage the project.


The visual identity of your brand controls your logo, signage, letterhead, and website. 


This brand voice infuses the sales copy and SEO content on your website and other marketing.


Your brand comes through in your services, refund policies, and merchandise.

What I don't do.

I help undifferentiated retailers. If your problem is something else, like poor SEO or bad usability, I'll let you know. I'm happy to refer you to a qualified SEO consultant, UX designer, or conversion expert.

PS. I never take referral fees. I don't believe in them. 
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