Why Miami Writer?

For years, I worked with big brands.

Now I help small businesses.

Hello, I'm Julie Ross Myers, aka Miami Writer. I'm an award-winning freelance writer who's worked with dozens of global brands. Now I level the playing field for small businesses by offering big brand expertise at a humble price. I work with a small number of clients who are willing to dare greatly.

75% of startups fail.

I prepare them to thrive.

Most startups fail because they misjudged the market. Demand was lower than expected. Or competition was too high. Either way, research prevents startup founders from acting on untested assumptions. A good branding process uses research to unravel these assumptions and more. See how I position companies to succeed using branding.

80% of all sales begin online.

I help companies get found.

People research online before they buy. You may not need a big fancy website. But you need something. A good site loads quickly, gets traffic, and converts those visitors into leads or sales. A great site has an indescribable oomph. It's the code equivalent of Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld franchise. The design, copy, and flow just work. Intrigued? Read more about my website services.

69% of emails are offers.

I build profitable relationships instead.

Over time, discounts devalue a product and drive down revenue. I build email strategies and campaigns that forge profitable customer relationships. I create cold emails that capture interest. Check out my services as a freelance writer for B2C email and B2B email.

If you need a freelance writer, let's talk.

Find out if I'm right for you.

I don't like sales spiels any more than you do. Instead,  I'll give you 30 minutes of my time, no strings attached. Use it for free marketing advice. Brainstorm a new slogan. Whatever. It's the fastest way to know for sure if we're a good fit for a productive work relationship.
The ongoing challenge is to turn fruit, a commodity, into a brand people ask for by name. I worked on print ads and a direct mail piece for produce buyers.
 Under Sr VP Tere Benach, I took the client, formerly Mercantil Commercebank, from $500 million to $6 billion in assets. They now have an ad agency.
I worked with Kirk Landon, the founder of ABIG, now Assurant, and Marketing VP Bonnie Blackburn, on branding, speeches, and direct mail.
 To counter the perception of Jamaica as a dangerous destination, I wrote a testimonial  campaign: "Listen to the people born here. And reborn here."
Back in 1985, I worked on the launch of the Taurus, the car that saved Ford from bankruptcy. It included a digital walkthrough.
The first big account I worked on was all about promotions, product introductions, media placements, and prominent signage in windows.

Ready for Revenue?

Everything I do is focused on helping small businesses get more customers. It's a constant battle to stay ahead of best practices in digital marketing and email marketing. I make it possible for small business owners to leave their marketing in the hands of a frugal friend instead of doing it all themselves.
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