I'm a freelance copywriter.

Hire me to use words to get more customers.

I write kick-ass landing pages.

Anyone can write content. Sales copy? That's something else. Sales copy speaks directly to the heart and mind of your customer. It is intensely personal, individualistic, and moving. That's why sales copy is my favorite form of writing.

Technically, every page of your website can be  a landing page.  There's no reason to turn down the chance to win customers. So, yes you can have website copy that provides both decent SEO and outstanding salesmanship.

I write compelling emails. 

Emails are amazing. They are a one-to-one level of communication with people who know you and want to hear from you.  Don't abuse this trust by bombarding your readers with nonstop sales pitches.

Instead, take time to reward your readers with amusing anecdotes and narratives. Email can create a dialogue that turns leads into real customers.

I'm a freelance brand creator.

Hire me to put your brand into words.

Branding is your sales mojo.

Branding matters because people don't think about purchases. They make quick subconscious decisions. Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman found that 95% of purchases – including B2B expenditures – are made subconsciously and rationalized later. Branding helps people make those quick choices because it provides a mental shortcut, or heuristic.

Branding declares your passion.

Branding is consistent through and through. The same message is delivered in your marketing and through your customer service teams. It runs across and in everything you do. And, more importantly, it fits in with what your potential market wants. As long as you have a sought after product or service, I can create a brand your customers will be enthusiastic about.

But here's the secret sauce.

I make you likable.

A classic advertising study found that likability is the most important factor in brand success.  Likable brands produce 3x more revenue.

In the  Significant Objects experiment, $128.74 worth of junk sold for $3,612.51 just by adding likable back stories. That's a return of 2800%.

Strong brands outperform competitors by 286%

Great brands I've worked with
(I work with little guys too)
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Am I the right freelance copywriter for you?

Let's find out. Book a free (love that word) 20-minute call.

Do you want...

• An objective outsider who can see things the way your customers do
• A trained researcher who uncovers insights that ignite your success
• A brand strategist who has positioned destinations, public companies, banks, and consumer goods
• A veteran writer who can nail your brand voice
• An industry insider who can connect you with top graphic designers and web developers

Yep, sounds like me

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