About My Services

Brand Positioning: I create cohesive, organic brand positioning based on market and competitive research and an analysis of your firm’s brand strengths and weaknesses. I distill a unique selling proposition and use it as a springboard to the development of a distinctive brand voice.

Creative Concepts: I create concepts that embody your message and drive your marketing campaigns. I have tackled complex challenges both as a freelancer and an agency staff member. I have extensive experience in the travel and banking industries, but have also worked on everything from pre-need funeral insurance to factoring receivables (both deadly).

Creative Strategies: Without a strategy, ideas are just empty fantasies. Thinking through how a message will be delivered and to whom is just as important as the message itself. I understand how media channels work with specific types of messaging. I give you creative ideas that are firmly rooted in practical reality. I create concepts that drive marketing across online, social media, print and broadcast channels… along with nontraditional channels like street marketing.

Print Writing: Print is making a comeback as a branding tool and as an alternative to PPC as a way to drive site traffic. In particular, offline marketing makes a lot of sense for product launches and for local businesses. I have written anything and everything used in traditional marketing, from brochures and direct mail to point-of-purchase.

Website Architecture and Content: I develop logical content plans that are the foundation for SEO and conversions. I write landing pages, brand stories and static pages, blog content and downloadable content. My focus is on engaging your visitor and converting him into a lead, a buyer, or a fan.

WordPress Websites:  The primary reason I learned to code was to give clients turnkey content – all of it in the right place, functioning intuitively. Site plan schematics take so long to create and are so difficult for most clients to understand, it is easier just to build the site.

Pro Bono Work: I do at least one free project a year for a charitable cause related to homelessness or mental illness.

What I Don’t Do: Ghostwriting (novels, memoirs, etc.), grant writing, broadcast scripts, content mill-type articles, social media, and spec work.