I'm Julie Ross Myers.

I've written 6,630,000 words.

That's the equivalent of 73 novels.

If you're on this page, you're probably figuring out if you want to work with me. Okey doke, let me help answer that.

I've been around the block more than once. I know why people buy. And don't buy. I began doing digital marketing in 2000 and joined the original dot com boom. I left a senior position with an agency in 2010 to focus on web design.

Why I ditched a six-figure income.

Back in the day, my salary and two solid freelance clients easily cleared six figures. But, writing is about more than money. I want to feel good about the clients I serve and the work I produce.

In theory, going freelance full-time meant I could pick and choose my projects. But Miami is mucho expensive. Too often, I wound up working for nightmare clients just to stay afloat.

So a few years ago, I chucked everything and moved to Edgewater, Florida. It's a small town with nothing going on, but the low cost of living offers economic freedom and the slow pace gives me time to think.

Can I guarantee results? 

Here's the truth: no one can promise specific marketing results. No one. There are just too many variables. When a writer says, "My blog post increased traffic by 400%," you have no way of knowing exactly what that means. 

Regardless, I stand behind my work. If I fail to deliver on my promises, I'll refund your money.

National award for business communication (tied for a Silver with Ford Motor Co.)
Have won a Platinum and several Gold international marketing awards
Prestigious international award, have won one and was shortlisted for another
Work for an agency won seven of these top business marketing awards.
Wrote a direct mail piece that was among the 60 best in the nation printed on Mead paper.
Won a national Gold Healthcare Advertising award for a hospital marketing campaign
Have won dozens of regional and national ADDY (Advertising Federation) awards
Have worked on many projects that have won this international resort industry award
BA Sociology
BFA Fine Art
Internet Marketing

10,000 hours of practice are required to become a world-class expert.

–Daniel Levitin, "This Is Your Brain on Music"

I've devoted 44,000 hours to copywriting.

1956 MIAMI
Grew up in Miami playing barefoot in the street, climbing trees, and swimming next to manatees in canals.
After graduating from Duke, I did ethnographic research in the Aleutians, ate caribou stew, and heard tall tales.
1980-2015 MIAMI
Worked in senior creative roles. Quit in 2010 to focus on digital marketing, web coding, and freelancing full-time.
Moved with a small dog to a small house in a small town just south of New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach.
miamiwriter tv

When I'm not working...

I'm binge watching Netflix (like everyone else) with my toy poodle Max.