Hello, I'm Julie Ross Myers.

Over the last 30 years, I've written 6,630,000 words or the equivalent of 73 novels.

In Japan, I would be honored as a writer-sensei, or expert. In the U.S., I'm past my sell-by date. Oh, well.

If you're on this page, you probably want to know if I'm someone you want to work with. Okey doke, let me try to answer that for you.

I left a senior agency job in 2010 because I wanted to make a real difference. I was tired off seeing great ideas killed off by namby-pamby execs who were afraid to stand out.
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Why I ditched a six-figure income.

Back in the day, my salary and two solid freelance clients easily cleared six figures. But, for me, writing has never been about the money. It's always been about the creative challenge.

In theory, going freelance full-time meant I could pick and choose my projects. But Miami is mucho expensive. Too often, I wound up working for nightmare clients just to stay afloat.

In 2016, I chucked everything and moved to Edgewater, Florida. It may be backwater but the low cost of living makes up for it.

What can I do for you? 

Here's the truth: no one can promise specific marketing results. No one. There are just too many variables.

Further, when a writer says, "My blog post brought in $180k," you have no way of knowing exactly what that means.

Finally, all too often, clients love bad work. Here's why.

So, I do things differently. I tell you why some things tend to work better than others. I use research. And, 
because I've asked for your trust, I'm committed to putting your interests first

Oh yeah, I've sold somewhere around $150 million worth of goods and services. That includes everything from jet engines to diamonds.

My life

1956 MIAMI
Grew up in Miami playing barefoot in the street, climbing trees, and swimming next to manatees in canals.
After graduating from Duke, I did ethnographic research in the Aleutians and ate caribou stew beside an iron stove.
1980-2015 MIAMI
Worked in senior creative roles at agencies and a public company. Quit in 2010 to learn SEO and freelance full-time.
Moved with a small dog to a small house in a small town. Busy learning and exploring new ways to do things.


I graduated from college in the Ice Age. In 2018, I enrolled at Harvard just to see if my rotted old brain could manage. It  wasn't easy but I finished with the top class project.
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BA, Sociology
BFA, Fine Art
Adv. Internet Marketing

Why I became a copywriter

When I was five, I read an offer for a toy train on the back of a Cheerios™ package. Imagine the hours of fun you will have showing off to your new circle of friends. Just return this coupon with two boxtops and 50 cents. 

Holy moly, Cheerios™ understood me.

I saved my allowance, filled the coupon, mailed everything off, and waited. When my package arrived, I found a plastic doodad powered by a balloon. I was crushed.

But I saw words could have real power over people and I wanted that.


• Public company
• Global financial brand
• Two Caribbean islands
• Florida tourism
• Gulf Coast tourism
• Two $500 million resorts
• National franchiser
• Food brands
• Positioning
• Naming
• Slogan/tagline
• Brand guidelines
• 20+ years in senior roles 
• Ad agencies and corporate marketing departments
• Balsamiq wireframing
• Content planning
• Optimization copywriting
• WordPress 
• Oxygen Builder
• CSS and HTML
• Keyword research
• SEO-friendly copywriting

• Ethnographic research for Bureau of Indian Affairs, AK
• Interviewing including C-suite executives
• Survey design and analysis
• Content analysis and semantics

When I'm not working...

I'm eating fried oysters or binge watching Netflix with my toy poodle Max.

Enough about me. Let's talk about you.


What others say

I work with many celebrity clients and they all want privacy. My website takes an understated approach but the emphasis on confidentiality is clear.
real estate agent
The conversational tone and easy explanation of the points system made new buyers comfortable and less likely to rescind on their purchase.
timeshare marketing officer
We began using very simple copy to make reading less tedious for our Hispanic customers. But it has higher conversions for non-Hispanics too.
bank marketing vp
We use everyday language in all our materials, even client retainers. It puts clients at ease quickly and makes them more willing to trust us.
attorney image
We needed to separate ourselves from unethical clinics. We began to position out value in our anti-aging expertise instead of commoditized products.
vitality clinic marketer
We were threatened with class action suits upwards of $75 million a year. Word shifts reframed expectations and reduced our legal risk.
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