Best Internet Marketing Blogger

Blogging is not marketing copy. It does not position a brand. It is copy designed to attract visitors to a site and convert them to an action. The core premise of the site and its positioning should be established and built out in words long before you worry about blogging.

Kristi Hines is really, really good at blogging about topics such as online marketing and social media for trade publishers. Most of her work (in her portfolio at least) is for outlets like Social Media Examiner and Kissmetrics that speak to the SEO community. In other words, it is B2B content… businesses selling to other businesses.

Kristi Hines is terrific at writing B2B content about online marketing topics. Kristi’s tyle is clear and information-focused. She is not writing to create a brand voice. Her strength is writing to convey information.

Most of Kristi’s work is “guest blogging” for big websites like Hub Spot. These sites target website owners who are interested in making their own sites do better in search engines and at capturing leads.

The problem is that the audience for these websites is pretty much attempting to do it all themselves. They may not be terribly likely to pay top dollar to an outside resource like Kristi, even though she is worth every penny. My guess is that Kristi has already hit this snag, which is why she is hard at work at developing a series of courses she can sell (sort of like Copyblogger). Just a guess, of course.