January 5, 2019

Best Miami real estate blogger


Sean McCaughan was very busy writing for Miami Curbed, so I am happy to see he now has a website up offering his services. I loved his work. It was smart AND well-written. Which is a true rarity.

Real estate blogging is a full-time job. It requires being in the field every day and most nights, keeping one hand on the pulse of a fast-changing real estate market, and the other hand on one's cell phone, lining up interviews with developers and other insiders.

Outsourcing a local real estate blog is difficult, if not impossible. It requires full-time market knowledge.

Most Miami real estate agents have some sort of blog. And most of them view writing blog articles as less productive than being in the field selling properties. So they start to blog on a new website and slowly lose traction.

A few Miami real estate agents are the exception to the rule, however. They deserve praise for consistency. And they deserve gratitude for providing useful information instead of turning their blog into a homage to their own listings and sales.

Looking purely at their blogs and not their ethics or abilities as salespeople, two Miami real estate agents stand out:

The Real Estate Coconut (Riley Smith)

Miamism (Ines Hegesus-Garcia)

Non-local bloggers write content that is more general than someone who is immersed in the local scene. That makes it less valuable if you want to engage local readers and keep their interest. It also makes it less valuable for search engine optimization, which is the whole point of having a blog in the first place.

Any writer with knowledge about the real estate industry and the ability to research can write general real estate content. If you need content about general home buying tips or staging your home for a sale or any other topic that is not dependent on in-depth market information, I can take care of it.

Otherwise, the best person to write expert content on the local real estate market is a real estate expert, not a writer.

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