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Notice Any Similarities?

Two songs two decades apart explore the melancholia of toxic relationships using a similar sound and imagery.

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The Past Never Rolls Far

This song tells about police brutality. NYC officials refused to provide security for the band as a result.

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Who? My Generation, That's Who.

In 1965, a British rock group released a track defiantly claiming the right to be different.

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Why It Matters That People Don't Trust Companies

Brand trust is tied to higher profits and lower customer acquisition costs. But 50% of Americans don't trust U.S. businesses.

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Proposal Tools That Win The Job

Three proposal tools that can help small businesses win more jobs. Pick one.

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Yes, Cold Emails Are Legal (Sometimes)

Cold emails do not operate the same way as most commercial email marketing.

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Why Is Email Marketing So F**king Hard?

Is it just me, or is Mailchimp one of the most unfriendly, overly complex platforms on the planet?

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Mind-Bending Contortionists

The best contortionists not only put in hours of training. Many have a genetic advantage.

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Lea Salonga Sings "On My Own"

Not many people can out sing an orchestra. Lea Salonga is one of them. She was the singing voice of Disney's Princess Jasmine and Fa Mulan.

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