The Crazy Ways Writers Get Paid

Online writers can get paid by hour. By the project. By the word. By the page view. And by leads generated, such as email signups. Most writers prefer to be paid for their time, but few potential [...]

How To Do A Content Strategy

I put together a lesson series for Skillshare on how to do a content strategy. You can see the full series there or you can take a short cut and just read the script, which is attached as a PDF [...]

5 Reasons I Hate Lists

I know that everyone on the Internet has the attention span of a gerbil. Therefore, lists have become exceedingly popular. Here are the reasons I loathe lists, in a list of my own.

Do Good Writers Use Bad Grammar?

Hell, yes they do! Regular writers – plain, old, vanilla writers – use flawless grammar. But us copywriters are a different breed. We use words to our (or rather, our clients’) advantage. [...]

8 SEO Tips You Must Know

You don’t have to be an SEO expert, but you do have to follow basic SEO guidelines. These SEO tips are all the average small business needs to know to have a decent presence on Google. Tip [...]