10 tips to improve your hotel email marketing

What are 10 proven ways to boost your hotel's e-marketing performance? You'll find out how to market your hotel here.

What copywriters need to know about flat design

Many copywriters, including myself, are brand strategists. Typically, we analyze market data and trends to come up with recommendations for brand positioning and messaging. But these push definitions of branding are being replaced by the user-centric concept of "brand experience." Modern copywriters need a holistic understanding of how people interact with a brand. Writers not […]

How to hire the right freelance writer for your business

Some businesses can by with low-priced writing from a content mill. Others need to hire a talented, high-priced writer. How can you know the difference?

Should you hire a freelance writer on Upwork?

Upwork has been around long enough to accrue digital immortality. It began as oDesk, merged with Elance in 2013, and rebranded as Upwork in 2015. Former CEO Stephane Kasriel said, "The entire freelance market is moving online. Within a few years we are going to go from having 50,000 freelancers on the online marketplace to 500,000 […]

Is your hotel email marketing hurricane ready?

As Hurricane Dorian fast approachers the Caribbean, hotel marketers had an opportunity to reach out to past guests. Here are a few tips on what to do.

A hypothetical email strategy for 3 luxury hotels

Want a specific example of a hotel email marketing strategy? This example shows you how to use email marketing to cross-sell, get more direct bookings, and overcome mobile booking challenges.

Polymath Nathan Myrhvold

Nathan Myrhvold knows a lot about almost everything. Which puts him at odds with a niche-focused world.

Best tools for freelance writers

What are the go-to tools that can make any freelance writers' life easier and more profitable?

Great writers who flunk Grammerly

I ran some of the best prose in the English language through Grammerly. Here's what happened.

5 reasons lists suck

Are there really only Seven Wonders of the World? And why isn't my toy poodle, Buster, included?

Why (really) writers write

It's not just money that drives the very best writers. It's a need that is hard-wired in them.

The brains of writers

A scientific look at how thinking differs between storytellers and copywriters.

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