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How to Write for Flat Design Sites

Push definitions of branding are being replaced by the user-centric concept of "brand experience." Modern copywriters need a holistic understanding of how people interact with a brand.

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How to Hire Your Next Freelance Writer

Some businesses can get by with low-priced writing from a content mill. Others need to hire a high-priced genius. How can you save money on freelance writers?

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What Makes a Strong Brand

What are the elements of a strong brand? This article tells you what you need to know.

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The Dollar Cost of Brand Mistrust

Only 48% of the U.S. public trusts the companies they do business with. Mistrust comes with a cost. On average, a 5% loss of trust decreases revenue by 5%.

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Is Upwork Great or Heinous?

The Upwork algorithm favors writers who have numerous positive reviews. To get them, a writer must take on dozens of low-paying projects.

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Jeez, Who Wrote That Cheesy Hotel Copy?

This video for Sandals Antiqua is cheesy to the point of being ridiculous. But let’s set aside personal bias and look at it with the eyes of the target audience.

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Branding BS and How to Avoid It

OMG the number of crappy brand strategists out there. Here's how you can avoid them whether or not you hire me.

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How to Create a Golden Food Brand

The best food brands have simple, limited ingredients. Just follow my recipe and it will be delicious.

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All You Need To Know About Yogurt Marketing

Yogurt has been around for years. But consumer ideas about it have changed radically.

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How to Be a Flavorful Beer Writer

If beer sales are based on deeper stories than taste, then a nondrinker can write them.

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What Happened to PBR's Cool Factor?

Can PBR regain its past hipster status or does it need a new strategy?

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12 Insanely Good Beer Branding Examples

Let's avoid frothy writing. Here are some examples of great copywriting for beer brands.

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