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Excellent Writers with Horrible Grammar

I ran some of the best prose in the English language through Grammerly. Here's what happened.

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News Flash, Better Writers Earn More

A brief article on how freelance writers can overcome the bane of commoditization

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No Surprise, Writers Think Differently

A scientific look at how thinking differs between storytellers and copywriters.

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Best Snarky Writer

Lianna Patch is behind Punchline Conversion Copy and SNAP copy, two irreverent sites with a serious purpose.

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Best Damn Bad Ass Writer

Tania Dakka is not for everyone, but she definitely has a niche... bad-ass writing, she calls it.

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Best Miami Real Estate Blogger

Real estate blogging is local because people buy and sell locally. And the best Miami real estate blogger, hands down, is Sean McCaughan.

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Best Catalog Writer

Laura Serino turns product descriptions into pure artistry. She can make you salivate for wool socks.

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Online Marketing from a Print Perspective

Print and digital are different channels but they share a similar business model. It's all about content.

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When Print Works and Doesn't

Is print dead? It depends who you ask. Mainly, it depends on your marketing goals, your business, and your budget.

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Why Apps Fail

Only 1 in 10,000 apps makes it. Why do so many apps fail? It comes down to bad tech, cost issues, and poor strategy.

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How to Blog the Right Way

What are the pro bloggers doing? And what works – or doesn't – for top-level content marketers?

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(Really) Write for Real Luxury Brands

Aspirational luxury has a different message than the true luxury brand. Here are the elements of real luxury writing.

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