Branding In 5 Not-So-Easy Steps


Brand Audit

Does your marketing send a consistent message of trustwortrhy credibility?

What is your current brand message?

What does a review of your marketing materials reveal about your brand positioning and brand message?

Is your brand message cohesive and consistent?

Are the brand message and creative execution congruent? Is the brand consistent across platforms?

Is it aligned with your current market knowledge?

Does your brand fit what you currently know about your customers, competition, and marketplace?

Friends and Foes

Who are your customers and what do they really want? What annoys them? What do customers think about your company? What can we infer about prospects' and their perceptions of you? Who are your main competitors and how do they position themselves? What does a content analysis reveal about your competitors' public-facing communications? How do you compare? What can we learn from their keywords, offers, and marketing?

Who are your ideal customers?

What are their demographics, geographic locations, psychographics, and buying behaviors?

Why do they buy, really?

What are the subconscious motives and factors that will drive customers to choose your brand?

What are their personas?

What are the detailed customer portraits that can guide your web designers, writers and other creatives?

Who are your direct competitors?

How do you compare with them in terms of market share, pricing, and relative strengths and weaknesses?

Who are your indirect competitors?

What are alternatives that indirectly divert consumers/clients from your product or service?

What do your competitors say?

How do competitors use visual identity and brand voice to communicate with customers and what is their message?


What are the market forces that affect demand and profitability? What are the perceptions that impact your industry as a whole? Where do you sit on the spectrum of trustworthiness?What are the operational factors that will help or hinder your success?

What is the overall market potential?

Can we see market opportunities or potential growth based on current realities and industry trends?

What are industry trends/threats?

What are existing trends and what opportunities or threats do they present to your business?

What is the general context?

What are the economic, legal, and political issues that may impact your organization and its success?

What are stakeholder beliefs?

What do surveys tell us about how your employees, past clients, and other stakeholders view your company?

What's the story behind surveys?

What do one-on-one interviews reveal about the data in stakeholder surveys and about your business?

What does a SWOT analysis tell us?

What will a SWOT analysis tell us about your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?


What promise and voice should be used to create believable, compelling content?

What are your mission and core values?

What are the vision and mission statements that will guide your business growth and provide the benchmarks for decisions?

What is your unique selling proposition?

What is the brand promise that sets you apart from your competitors and provides a reason for. customers to choose you?

What's your brand personality?

What is the brand personality archetype that comes closest to your brand's authentic history and identity?


Last but not least, there is the implementation of the brand strategy in items such as the logo, website, etcetera.

content audit

Do current marketing materials have any glaring inconsistencies, incoherencies, or problems?

tone of voice

Define a brand voice and visual style that will inspire consumer trust and confidence while inciting demand.


Step-by-step guidelines for your creative team, agency, and other creators who shape your brand.

Expect the unexpected.

If you're serious about having a great website, this is a good place to start. I'll send a guide to understanding the different types of websites, how pricing works, a brand worksheet, and other goodies.

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