Branding Process


The value of branding is that it helps you attract and retain the right customers for your business…customers who will be loyal and profitable.


“I research obsessively and think strategically to help you build a winning brand persona.”

More About Branding

I reshape existing brands and build brands from scratch, beginning with digging deep into research. Brand storytelling is part of brand implementation. It can take many forms, including corporate events, but it always strives to connect your organization in meaningful ways to your customers.


  • Your Company

    I start by digging deeply into your organization and the things that make it stand apart. I look at where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go. Is your brand promise clear? Does it fit your company mission and objectives?

  • Industry Trends

    Research industry and trends based upon commercially available studies. What is happening in your industry? What is trending? What potential threats and opportunities exist?

  • Competition

    Who are your competitors and how do they position themselves? How strong are their brands in relationship to yours? How are they marketing their products and what can we learn from that? What core assumptions do your competitors make?

  • Customers

    Research your existing and possible customers. What is your customer profile? Are you reaching all the audiences possible for your product or service? What motivates them and influences their buying decisions?


  • Attributes

    Create a list of attributes that apply to your organization's culture, vision, and products or services. Look for the common thread that ties them all together.

  • Concept

    Create a brand positioning based upon these definitive attributes. Does the brand story give you a competitive advantage? Does the brand message align with the interests of all stakeholders?

  • Verify

    Look for holes in the new brand. Is there logical consistency? Do the vision and the brand promise match? Can we deliver? Can a competitor easily imitate our brand promise?

  • Simplify

    Can the brand message be stated simply or is it too complicated? Is it concrete and does it lend itself to visual interpretation? It the core idea strong enough to transition into the future?


  • Create

    Create trademarked names if needed and a brand statement to sum up the brand. Develop the brand voice and style rules. Create a tagline to sum up the brand positioning.

  • Review

    Client legal team should review and register brand marks to ensure right of use. In regulated industries, marketing claims may be subject to legal requirements.

  • Extend

    Extend brand strategy so that it can work with new channels, lines of business, or market niches. Ensure that brand is communicated internally as well as externally.

  • Guidelines

    Provide a brand rationale and guidelines for use by other team members in the creation of visual materials, such as logos and signage, or branded marketing materials.

“Branding is a little like voodoo. It works because people are fundamentally irrational and place their faith in emotional symbols.”