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How to Hire Your Next Freelance Writer

Some businesses can get by with low-priced writing from a content mill. Others need to hire a high-priced genius. How can you save money on freelance writers?

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Is Upwork Great or Heinous?

The Upwork algorithm favors writers who have numerous positive reviews. To get them, a writer must take on dozens of low-paying projects.

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All You Need To Know About Yogurt Marketing

Yogurt has been around for years. But consumer ideas about it have changed radically.

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Excellent Writers with Horrible Grammar

I ran some of the best prose in the English language through Grammerly. Here's what happened.

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News Flash, Better Writers Earn More

A brief article on how freelance writers can overcome the bane of commoditization

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No Surprise, Writers Think Differently

A scientific look at how thinking differs between storytellers and copywriters.

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