Choosing A Brochure Writer

Brochures are making a quiet comeback. Marketers are realizing that brochures are a superior branding tool, especially for luxury markets and professions such as law that require trust. Apple’s retina display cannot match the 300 dpi images of a beautifully printed brochure.

Why You Don’t Just Need A Brochure

There are different types of brochures, depending on who will read them and why.
A corporate brochure is produced to give your business long-term credibility. A product brochure is sales-focused.

A brochure for a trade event is written to a different audience and for different reasons than a brochure produced to display your services or products to customers.Brochures can be written for new customers or to retain the loyalty of existing customers. It is never a matter of “having a brochure.” It is a matter of having the right brochure.

Choosing The Right Writer

Just about anyone can write four pages of copy. The right writer will structure your brochure into a  sales arguments and create customer relationships.

John E. Kennedy defined advertising as “salesmanship in print,” and the same holds true for brochures. Brochures are like employees – they have a job to do. A good copywriter will make sure your brochure does the right job and does it well.

Nine out of 10 brochures fail for one reason. Brochures (and most marketing) fails because company brochures write what they want to say instead of what their customers want to hear. Companies write about product features when customers want to know about product benefits. Companies write mission statements when customers want product assurances.

In short, brochures fail for the same reason web content fails: The message is irrelevant to the audience.

Choose a brochure writer who has done print ad work and has won awards for it. Ads are entirely idea driven. Great brochures are built around great ideas and carry them out.

Choose a writer who can be succinct. Every word matters. Consumer brochures must be written to an eighth grade reading level so do not choose a writer who favors jargon.

Choose a writer who can adapt their style to any brand . Some brands like resort hotels require sensual, evocative language. A bank brochure might require a direct but formal style.

Great brochures are interesting, both verbally and visually. Done well and for the right reasons, a brochure is one of the most powerful marketing devices on the planet.