What Clients Need to Know About Mailchimp

January 24, 2021

I just finished creating and loading 62 email campaigns into Mailchimp for a beloved client. That's not the hard part. The problem is like most platforms Mailchimp is a technical morass. It's cluttered with different ways to set up automated, transactional, scheduled emails. You have a zillion types of triggers, each with its own set of rules and workflows. Mailchimp is just really clunky and un-intuitive. To the extent that I have now thrown up my hands and am seeing outside help.

There are lots of people like me that know the creative end of things. Sure, I think I'm better than most of them simply because I've been in the game longer. But, leaving that aside, marketing today is really not about ideas. It's about finding technicians who can execute and implement. Usually, they have horrible creative insight. There's been that taste divide between creatives and geeks since the atomic age.

Why does this happen? Because the people who make platforms like Mailchimp have tunnel vision. They know their software really well. Too well. So, they tack on little bits of this and that. And soon enough, you have have a Frankenstein-like monster composed of patches and workarounds. Software is all about features and more features. The problem is that, as platforms age, they gain too many features. They become too difficult to work with. And, of course, software launches with minimal investment under the assumption that things will be a work in progress.

Here's the irony. Mailchimp is not for an enterprise market. It targets small business owners, like the client I created the emails for. Yet, no small business owner has the time to learn how to make Mailchimp work for them. Small businesses don't have the money to hire fancy experts. So, it winds up that they do not use many of the features available with Mailchimp. Mailchimp knows this, which is why they include a directory of certified experts. But very few of this experts are affordable for your typical bootstrapped small business.

I'm dumping on Mailchimp, but I see the same pattern across a wide range of software services. Even Apple, which was created with the idea of elegance in its DNA, is getting overly complicated.

Anyone want to work with me on those emails?

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