A Cheatsheet for Website Marketing

November 30, 2020

To get traffic, your site needs...

Good SEO

It needs more than keywords. It needs well-written articles your target audience will be interested in. And those articles need to match their search intent.

Good meta tags

This is part of SEO. Meta titles, meta descriptions, and social meta tags provide information about a web page and help both Google and users.

Fast load times

Your site needs to be optimized for speed. Slow sites are frustrating, especially on mobile, and users will bounce off without reading your sales copy.

Intuitive architecture

A good site architecture means users can easily navigate your website on any device. You want to assign more importance to articles that have strong keywords.

A distribution strategy

Getting organic traffic is a long-term process. You also need a short-term strategy, which comes down to PPC, social media advertising, traditional advertising, and public relations. Guest blogs also work.

To get conversions, your site needs...

A good offer

Simple. To convert users, your website needs to have a good offer or "value proposition." This is the single most important factor in getting conversions.


In other words, your website needs to match what users expect. If they searched for cheese, your site needs to be about cheese. Not bicycles.


Your copywriting, imagery, and site design must communicate your offer with clarity. Calls-to-action must be prominent and straight forward.

Sense of urgency

Users must feel that it is important to respond to your offer promptly.

No distractions or anxiety

Ugly sites like Amazon and Craigslist convert well because they are plain and unambiguous. There are no confusing distractions. Users never feel baffled about how to use the site. Even Google is an un-pretty flow of links, maps and pure functionality.Take heed.

If your website doesn't check all the boxes, we need to talk. Pronto.

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