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Have your cake and eat it too.

I write tasty copy loved by both algorithms and humans.

I'm not an SEO guru. There are specialists for that. But I write within the framework of making the search intent clear for Google. That means sprinkling the appropriate keywords throughout the cake batter. If you have an SEO team, terrific. I'll follow their recipe.

Get traffic plus conversions.

It's not an either-or thing. You need both qualified traffic and strong conversions.  If your website architecture is a mess, great blog content will just drive traffic into a black hole. If you have pages of sales copy but no blog, your site will sit in a frozen hell.

Content marketing earns traffic.

Content marketing is a form of search engine optimization (SEO). It defines the site architecture and uses keyword-based content to attract traffic.  Content can be anything from blog articles to videos.

Copywriting earns conversions.

Conversions are site users who take an action to become a  lead or sale.  The whole point of copywriting has always been to get people to take action. I've been a copywriter since dinosaurs walked the earth.
I write copy that sucks traffic out of the ether, converts it to gold, and I do it on-brand. 

What does an SEO expert do?

No one can promise specific results but an ethical SEO expert can be an excellent investment for any e-commerce store or business. In a nutshell, an SEO specialist tries to get you to a top spot in search engine rankings (SERPS). Their priority isn't readability or conversions. They are focused on the myriad technical details required for a SEO-smart page.

I create optimized content.

Google depends on serving up content that people want. People want content that is either entertaining or answers a question. Optimized content pleases spider bots like Google and carbon-based creatures like humans. Create it by writing for people first (remember Matt Cutts?) and keep the focus on one big idea per page. Oh yeah, and worry about else mentioned in a Marketing Land article.

Let's get your project underway.

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