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Websites have three jobs.

I help your site succeed at all of them.

1.   First, you need to communicate your brand's big idea to potential customers. You need to start out with an idea that's powerful enough to drive beaucoup sales.
2.   Second, you need to get more traffic using smart SEO. I'm not an SEO technician, but I keep the copywriting in line with best practices.
3.   Finally, you need to convert your website traffic into leads or sales. This is done by persuading users you have the solution to a specific pain point.

I help you get more website traffic.

As a copywriter, I stick to the broad brush principles used by SEO experts. Basically, that means focusing on one keyword idea or search intent per page and writing around that search intent as clearly and thoroughly as possible.
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I keep your website on-brand.

Your brand is the big idea why people should buy you. It must be simple, clear, and direct. Being on brand means communicating in a style your customers can relate to. It means having the right personality. If you wouldn't hire a boring salesman, don't hire a boring website.
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I help your website go cha-ching.

Conversion writing is the art and science of creating text that wins leads or sales. 

I write high-converting landing pages.

Technically, every page of your website is a landing page. Never turn down the chance to win customers. Yes, you can have website copy that pleases Google while delighting your users. 

I write compelling product blurbs. 

Turn every product into a story with a reason to buy. As a copywriter, my job is to produce sales. I do that using words. Product descriptions are usually no more than a paragraph, but great ones can make a product irresistible.
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You get a kick-ass demo site for free.

I write your copy in place on a made-from-scratch custom site. Building the copy in place allows you to see the copy flow in action. I use the Yoast SEO tool to make sure every page has proper heading levels, keyword density, a meta description, and more. I give you a screenshot of each web page for reference plus a Word document with the focus keyword and SEO info. You can have the demo site at no charge, but you will need a developer/designer to finish it who knows WordPress and Oxygen builder.

 Why content first matters.

Site copy must be organized to achieve conversion goals. The rule of thumb is, "Write first, design second." If a site is already designed, I can't organize it to achieve the results you need. It would be a waste of your money and my time. 

The problem with lorem ipsum.

Lorem ipsum is nonsensical placeholder text. Most web designers use it when  they want to get a design approved. Except that's ass backwards. Content is king. It should always come first if you want decent conversions. 

If you use placeholder text in your site mockup,  the design may not work with real copy. Lines may break awkwardly. Sections may not line up properly. Or there may be a dangling word in a headline. Start with the real story from the git go and you won't waste time patching a hot mess.

What about wireframes?

Many designers use wireframes when developing a website from scratch.  Wireframes help clarify what the website should include and how information should be structured. Wireframe software such as Balsamiq allows you to include live links. But wireframes are not fleshed out and omit the details.

Leave content architecture to a content expert.

Content architects are back-end content strategists who organize content and recommend ways to repurpose it. Very few non-enterprise clients need a full-fledged content architect. But every site should be organized to achieve specific page goals. The best person for this job is usually the front-end writer. That means me.

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