I write and design mobile-friendly HTML templates that render beautifully across all leading email clients and devices. I include copywriting because it is critical for strong email conversions.
Problems Solved
Technical Errors
Technical glitches can prevent your emails from being seen by the people you want to reach most. I build emails in Chamaileon or your favorite builder. I then test every email I create using Email on Acid, and provide you with a copy of the quality assurance report.
Requires Expertise
Then there is the issue of best practices in conversion design and writing. Email marketing is an in-depth science and art. Strong email marketers are constantly researching new ways to boost ROI. Outsourcing leaves it to the experienced professionals.
Time Consuming
Last but not least, there is the issue of time. Doing great email marketing requires attention to detail. Retail e-marketers spend an average of three days crafting e-commerce emails. Outsourcing relieves you of this burden and saves you time.

Why It Matters

Preferred Channel
Email is the preferred channel for purchases among all demographics, including millennials. It is the only channel that consumers deliberately opt into because they want to hear from you.
Email marketing has the strongest ROI of any digital channel, including social media. Done right, email can provide returns of 400% of more. More than ever, that means emails must be mobile-friendly.
Most companies have low email conversion rates. I can help you beat  average  numbers simply by creating beautifully designed and intelligently written emails that are fun to read. People enjoy being amused.

What's Included

Get world-class creative work with no commitment.

On-Target Work
I create the email based on your directions and copy bullet points.

Branded Design
Provide me with your logo, high-res photos, and HEX colors and I'll make sure your emails are visually on-brand.

Branded Writing
My copywriting is designed to get conversions. But it also follows the brand voice guidelines used in all of your marketing. You'll always sound like "you" to your audience.

Retina and More
All emails are mobile-friendly. I can make them Retina-ready and add special features like videos, countdown timers, accordions and more. Remember, not all features render well in all clients.
I test every email template in Email on Acid. Email builder programs can break links, mangle subject lines, butcher images, and more. Email clients constantly change their support for HTML and CSS attributes. Constant testing is a necessity not a luxury if you want deliverability. I test all emails in Email on Acid and provide you with the report.

ESP Integration
I provide a zip file containing the HTML document, text version, optimized images. and instructions. Simply copy and paste the HTML into your system. Follow the instructions to revise links, ALT tags, and relevant graphics.

All Email Types and Landing Pages
I can design and write any email, from an offer to a drip campaign. I also design and create landing pages, which can increase conversions by 200% or more.
Pricing starts at $659 for a Retina-ready, responsive email template including copywriting.  For a firm price, please request a quote. 
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