Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Hosting

A lot of bloggers get paid to write nice things about website hosts. WordPress itself recommends Blue Host, although my experience with them was miserable enough to push me to look for an alternative.

So I read tons of blogs and several recommended Site Ground. Ryan Sullivan pushed me over the edge when he said he was moving his site there.

I wound up spending $383 for one year of Go Geek hosting, including Cloud Flare and a dedicated IP address. But there were huge problems with redirects (I did not put them there) and I felt very uncomfortable with the situation. Maybe you can call it lack of trust on my part.

Bottom line, I canceled. I was not too shocked when popups said the Cloud Flare and Dedicated IP were non-refundable. But I expected a pro-rated return on the hosting. No dice. Even though I was with them for less than two months (June 25-Sept. 10), Site Ground kept all of my money.

Further, they do not allow you to remove your credit card when you cancel. You have to go through the additional step of opening a support ticket… which cannot be done if you do not have an active account. What’s left? Call and talk to an agent…

Do I think Site Ground is a scam? I don’t know. But other people think so.

I feel it is only fair to include Ryan Sullivan’s email to me…

Hey Julie,

Really sorry to hear things didn’t go well with your transition to SiteGround. I would have left a comment but it looks like they’re turned off on the article. I just wanted to make it clear that I definitely wasn’t paid to write that article about SiteGround. There aren’t even any affiliate links on the post. Your experience is also why I’m weary of blanket recommendations for any service or product. Because one experience like yours make me like I was being disingenuous at best, and dishonest at worst. I wish you would have had a better experience with SiteGround. They really have done a great job for us and our clients overall. I just wanted to reach out to say I am a real person, and my intentions are good. Sorry things didn’t work out for you. Here’s a link to an article I wrote years ago that may interest you  *yes I read the article but I will include a link here anyway to be nice. 

Still, the lack of refunds for prepaid hosting is a pretty big nastiness. I would amend any recommendation for them with that caveat.