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I do email marketing.

It delivers the best ROI of any channel.

On average, email returns $40 for every $1 spent. It's unique because it's the only channel people deliberately opt in to receive marketing from you. And it's a one-to-one channel with the ability to be personalized and targeted.

Problems Solved

Ad Hoc eBlasts

Do you even have an email strategy? Most companies don't. Instead, they use email on an ad hoc basis to deal with need periods and excess inventory. If you're like most, you use email mainly to blast out offers. This runs contrary to the true strength of email as a one-on-one, direct marketing channel.

Lack of Automation

Are you using automation to take the heat off your staff while increasing your marketing ROI? If not, you're missing out on one of the secrets of great email marketing. Think of email marketing from your audience's point of view. Every email is part of your marketing funnel. You need all the building blocks in place.

No Engagement

How about personalization? Not just [insert name], but dynamic personalization based on past user behavior? Do you use email to engage your users? Email is a great channel for collecting feedback, making announcements, and generating incremental revenue from secondary products.

Why It Matters

Build Relationships

The real power of email marketing lies in building relationships with your audience. Those relationships bolster your brand and defend pricing. They also produce more repeat purchases. But, to get there you need a solid long-term plan.

Increase Conversions

Automation combined with list segmentation can increase conversions up to 400%. Using relevant landing pages can boost conversions by 200%. Consider that the average website converts less than 2% of site visitors.

Boost Responses

Personalization can increase your conversions by sixfold. The recipient's name in a subject line can increase open rates by 16%. Most people want to know about new offers. Just avoid being hard sell and keep offers relevant.

Email Marketing

How to use email marketing without blasting your list.

Content Strategy

An outline of topics and event-timed offers keeps your email marketing interesting and relevant

Editorial Calendar

The correct sequencing and frequency are built into the calendar so just follow along to get top ROI

KPIs and Metrics

I provide guidelines on how to assess your email analytics against your key performance indicators


The strategy is done so all you need to worry about is executing the design and writing and delivery

Brand Story Emails

Customer engagement results in higher profitability.

Free Templates

Download the full library to automate your bread-and-butter email marketing and get the strategy baked in.


I provide a custom content strategy and editorial calendar to suit you brand and your target markets.


I include everything, from research and templates to stock photography so there is no pressure on your staff.


I map out a yearlong calendar with a comprehensive mix of transactional, automated, and one-off marketing emails.

Email Landing Pages

Relevant landing pages can increase conversions by 400%.


The design and writing style are always perfectly in tune with your brand

Clear CTA

The landing pages drive conversions with a clear, focused call-to-action


The landing pages always relate to the email and fulfill the email's intent

Copy Included

Writing can make or break conversions, so I include it for best results

Email Creation Process

The hardest part is the strategy and copywriting.


I do an audit of the email templates your currently have


I map out the email templates you need for automation


I include wildcard templates for fire sales or other marketing


I build all the templates and provide  a schedule of when to deploy them

Get a Roadmap

For DIY teams, get everything except implementation.

Pricing varies depending on scope and complexity of work.  For a firm price, please request a quote. 
• Discovery process to get to know your brand
• Email template inventory and review
• Customer journey map to identify email touch points
• Overall strategic plan
• Content strategy and editorial calendar
• Customer personas
•Email flow, sequencing and optimal frequency
• List segmentation based on available data
• Plan for automation
• KPIs to benchmark performance
• Pre-send technical checklist
• Follow-up review

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