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Is your site boring?

Oh no, boring sites waste 85% of their traffic.  

People scan the internet rapidly for content that interests. About 30% of users will decide from the git-go a site has no value to them. Of the remainder, 55% will linger less than 15 seconds. That's not enough time to get a sales message across. Straightaway, the site has lost 85% of its hard-earned traffic.   

The scary thing is, most of the internet is boring.

Science  most sites look the same. 
Since 2003, the web has become homogenized. Most websites look the same and sound the same. Design is driven by templates. Almost all content is recycled information without much value. Usability concerns discourage experimentation.  The result is a sea of sameness where the main differentiator is price. 

Why it matters

Selling on price leads to shrinking profit margins and collapse. A big idea takes the focus off price. Creative brands  outperform their peers across every benchmark. They spend less to get and keep customers. Digital marketing can obtain short-term revenue spikes, but it can't match the long-term profitability of big ideas.

From 1996 to the 2008 financial meltdown and recession, creatively awarded campaigns were 12 times as efficient as non-awarded ones. But from 2008 to 2018, effectiveness fell to below four times. Today, advertising effectiveness continues to fall and creativity is almost certainly not delivering overall efficiency.

– Branding Mag
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I fix boring websites.

Most sites waste 85% of their traffic.   

What I do
I transform your site from ho-hum to a humdinger of a revenue machine.
Why it matters
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Only 1 marketer out of 100 knows how to create and use big ideas.

I've worked with big ideas for 30 years.

What the facts show

Digital marketers focus on metrics, AI, and the technical aspects of conversion. This calculates how people buy without digging into the why. The system for training and vetting reliable creatives died with traditional advertising. The market is saturated with unqualified creatives.
Why this matters.

Pushing forward in today’s digital world, brands need to continue shifting away from solely using data-driven models for marketing and move toward aligning creativity with strategy to achieve their marketing goals.

Without a big idea, you'll be lost in the flotsam. Big ideas always have an element of risk. An off-key concept can blow up in your face. The Kendall Jenner Pepsi spot  is a case in point. Done right, big ideas produce a big payoff and can be reused forever.  

As of 2019, 35% of the US workforce was freelance, rerpresenting 59 million workers. This number has surged since the pandemic. A third are creatives, with writer being the top job category. Ask Wonder