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How I Work

1. Consultation

I write mainly websites and emails. I focus on projects I think I will like doing. That may seem diva-like. But part of wanting to do a project is the belief I can make a positive difference.

We'll talk about our mutual expectations. I'll let you know if I can meet yours. I work best with clients who have the courage to stand out and the discipline to work through a brand step-by-step.

2. Creative brief

A creative brief helps me understand your business. It provides quick insights into your competition and industry. The creative brief helps identify the problems you face. 

Creative briefs are routinely used within advertising agencies to identify the parameters for the strategy. In this case, it gives me the starting point for your project.

3. Market research 

You may have done some research. I hope so. Every company should stay on top of changes in the landscape. If you need help, I'm a very good researcher. I enjoy it, whether it means culling through piles of third-party research or conducting phone interviews. It's part of the curiosity that drives all good copywriters. Curiosity leads to questions that uncover unique attributes of a client's brand. It's the doorway to creativity.

4. Your Brand 

James Patterson sells more books than any other author. He and I wear the same style glasses, but are vastly different writers. Nonetheless, we both build our craft on top of emotions. 

Further, whatever else happens, both fiction and branding must be interesting to the end consumer. Surprising twists work. And less is always more; stick to the core concept of the brand.

5. First Draft 

James Patterson speaks about how important it is not to fake it when it comes to subject matter knowledge. Readers expect the writer to know the facts. Making the story realistic, concrete, and authentic is important.

When I have my ducks in a row, I begin writing. A website might take two or three weeks. The proposal includes the milestones for delivery so you'll always know what to expect.

6. Feedback

I expect to nail the  broad idea in the first draft. The details can be refined in later drafts. Once I deliver the project to you, I will ask for your honest feedback . 

This is critically important because I am an unapologetic perfectionist. I want to confirm that you are happy with the product I have delivered to you and that you are also happy with our working relationship.

Who I Help 

snapshot of clients

A snapshot of who I help and how 

Marketing budgets are per year
self-funded startups image
 BOOTSTRAP startups

0-2 employees |   $3,000 budget

I'll make sure there's a market for your product, create a basic brand, and build a simple website.

solo entrepreneurs

0-1 employees |$3,000-$8,000 budget

I'll define the next step in your brand and express it in a website you can manage yourself.

micro business image
0-5 employees |
$8,000-$15,000 budget

I'll write SEO-friendly, conversion-focused website copy to turn leads into customers.

funded startups
0-10 employees |
~$60k-$150k budget

I'll do the market research needed to uncover your unique selling proposition (USP).

small business image
small businesses
5-100 employees |
$10,000-$45,000 budget

I'll help you nab bigger clients by looking and sounding more polished.

professional practice image
professional groups
5-100 employees |
$10,000-$50,000 budget

I'll help you establish your practice as an industry authority.

midsized businesses
100-500 employees | $50k-$2 million budget

I'll do the filler writing and grunt work your team is too busy for.

franchise image
franchise companies
50-250 employees |
$300k-$2 million budget

I'll create materials to help you signup franchisees.

Do you want copywriting with personality and salesmanship?

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