How To Do A Content Strategy

I put together a lesson series for Skillshare on how to do a content strategy. You can see the full series there or you can take a short cut and just read the script, which is attached as a PDF download. Granted, these lessons on doing a content strategy are somewhat rigid. In real world terms, a website is organic, fluid, and ever-changing. I know this from looking at the number of posts I have deleted over the years because they were too snarky and acerbic. Frankly, even though I love to brand clients, I have a tough time branding myself. Like many small business owners, I don’t have a huge amount of cash to spend on my own marketing. And I spend a bloody fortune of software, just because I like to try things out. So, for example, I spent $500 to put together the Skillshare animated videos using GoAnimate and legal music loops and graphics.  I hope this gets your website off to a good start. You can always screw things up later. 😊

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