Not long ago, the most powerful hurricane in history, Dorian, was on everyone’s mind. What should hotel marketers do to prepare for after the storm?

Why it matters

In 2017, the Caribbean suffered from two significant hurricanes. With the national media heavily covering the devastation in Puerto Rico, many Americans made the assumption that ALL of the Caribbean suffered major damage or were completely shut down.

In actuality, the storms impacted only about 25% of the region. 75% of the Caribbean – more than a million square miles and 30 countries – remained untouched and were fully operational shortly after the storms.

Let’s face it, geography isn’t a lot of people’s strong suit, so it’s important for hotels to immediately communicate that your property and destination is in great shape, the sun is shining and you’re open for business.

Here are a few tips:

Consumer Email

Send an email updating your database of the post storm recovery or perhaps provide a more human touch with a story of how their favorite staff members weathered the storm, how the property is undamaged and you can’t wait to welcome them back.

Trade Email

It’s important to notify your trade partners immediately that the airport is open, property is up and running and fully staffed to welcome their clients.

Social Media

The fastest you are able, post an image or, better yet, a video to all your social channels showing the beach, grounds and property. State how the island weathered the storm and the sun is shining again, the rum is flowing, and holiday vibes are in full effect.


Provide a quick status that the property is open and undamaged. This can be done with a pop-up window or a banner on the home page.

The quicker the above tips are in place, the faster the bookings will start rolling in again and you’ll be back to business as usual.

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