Over the last five years, most of my work has been done under NDAs. That means that, as proud as I am of it, I cannot show it to you. I have included some older work though.

Mercantil Commercebank

Over the course of a decade, I helped Mercantil Commercebank grow from one branch to over $3 billion […]

Discovery Networks LA

A series of 3D direct mail packages and a few trade ads for Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Discovery […]

Misc Direct Mail

Direct mail in various formats for different organizations including bio-tech firm.    


I’ve written six apps, three of them under NDA’s. I mean the words, of course, not the code. […]


I’ve written somewhere between 40 and 50 websites. I know WordPress so I understand what works and what […]


I love writing about food and coffee. I have done three coffee projects. The work for Caribe and […]


Brochures still have a time and place in the digital age. In fact, launching a new product often […]