Pricing is always a sticky wicket. Understandably, potential clients don't want to spend more than they have to. On the other hand, as a writer, I am creating a custom product. Each hour I spend on one project is time I cannot devote to another. I don't have to be greedy, but I do have to make a living.

It pays to educate yourself on the going rates charged by experienced copywriters. For your convenience, I've compiled a list of what other writers charge. I've also compiled a list from the Writer's Guide, which I will email to you. No worries, I won't spam.

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This price list was taken from Writer's Market 2017, which is the bible of professional writers. It provides a range of prices charged by writers across the industry. I fall somewhere between the middle and upper ranges on most projects.

Cheap Writers

You can always find cheaper writers on sites like Upwork and Writer Access, but most of these writers are what I call "mommy bloggers." They can work for 7 cents a word because writing isn't their sole source of income. It's sugar bowl money.

At 7 cents a word, I would have to produce 10 pages a day, seven days a week, to make $35,000 a year. That may sound reasonable, but in reality a page of well-thought out copy should take at least one hour of research and two hours of writing time. So I would need to work 30 hours a day.... wait, is that even possible?

Sample Pricing


Blog Article
250-400 words

Quality SEO friendly article

Landing Pages
750+ words

Scrolling page designed to convert

Corporate Brochure
4-8 pages

9x12 corporate sales brochure

Email Campaign
3-part drip

Depending on length, complexity

Flat-Fee Quotes

Your project is unique. I will develop a firm quote so you know exactly what to expect.
I provide a 15% discount to agencies and non-profits.


Flat Fee Pricing

My hourly rate is  $85, but I usually work on a flat-fee basis. When I provide a project price, I will stick to it even if I have underestimated the work involved. If you change the project scope or direction, I will provide a revised estimate. 

Projects Under $500

Projects at or under $500 are payable in advance. This eliminates hours spent collecting bills and reduces overhead costs, so I can keep my rates lower.

Projects Over $500

Larger projects require a 50% retainer with the balance due when the draft has been completed.


I will sign a non-disclosure agreement to safeguard the confidentiality of a project. However, I do not sign non-compete agreements because this would prevent me from making a living.


Typically, an article or other small project is delivered within 3 days. Timeframes for longer projects are included in the estimate.


One round of revisions is included. If additional revisions are needed, I will bill these by the hour. This keeps overall client costs lower and encourages clients to think through changes before asking for them.


I take online payment via credit card, bank draft, or PayPal. I also take company checks but they must clear first.

Minimum Project

My minimum project is $350.