Scripting YouTube Videos

Let’s talk about how to script a YouTube video….In a word, “Don’t.”

The nature of YouTube is that it is immediate and personal. It needs to have the spontaneity of a direct conversation. No teleprompter. No fancy video production. If your basic premise can’t carry itself in a direct conversation, it is not YouTube material.

If you want to script a funny video, along the lines of the now universally famous Blendtec videos, you are really using YouTube as a cheap broadcast medium. You are running television spots. So all the ingenuity and creative thinking that go into producing a brilliant television script will go into producing your YouTube commercial. Television is not easy to write. It is super hard to write when you can’t spend a lot of money on production (television spots cost around $40,000 or more) and you don’t have paid professional talent. Bottom line, your script has to be a masterwork.

A lot of people think that YouTube is free, or at worst dirt cheap, marketing. It can be, if you are a brilliant marketer. If you are that brilliant, you don’t need me. In fact, you could probably teach me a few things.