Find your big idea

Translation "be clear about your value"

Big ideas are more salient, that is, they are easier to understand and remember. So they're less costly to market. Really big ideas – the kind that take risks – enable ballsy little companies to slay massive Goliaths and can help enterprise brands start social chatter, but they can also backfire. So there is a kind of cost there.

Then decide how to use it

Translation "write your marketing plan"

What's the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way to get your big idea in front of the people most likely to buy your products or services? I'll show you how to develop a no-nonsense marketing plan that gets the solid results you want without ransoming your firstborn.


How do you choose the right developer? How much should you pay? What's the process? I help make sure your site launches without a hitch.


What is the concept of friction? What kind of lead magnets work best? What if you can't afford one? I walk you through the minefield of lead magnets.



Every website page is a potential landing page. PPC and emails may use standalone pages. I help you get past the misinformation to the magic.


The humble email has the highest ROI of any digital channel. So where do marketers go wrong?  How is email potential wasted and revenue lost?


Video can be huge SEO booster and credibility bump, if done right. I help you decide the best length, format, etc. while managing the project.



How can you produce affordable, quality direct mail packages and multi-piece launch kits, public relations folders, leave-behinds and more?


Should you be on social media and how? What kind of help do you need, if any? Do influencers make sense? Should you use an intern?



Is there a simple way to understand and do SEO? When do you need outside help? Or can small businesses manage their own SEO just fine?

Finally, don't go it alone

Three ways to work with me

My goal is to help business people navigate and find success in the Wild, Wild West marketing. I do this in three ways. First, I help business learn to DIY. Second, I consult with owners on specific problems. Third, I produce content, usually slogans, copy for conversion-focused websites, and email campaigns.
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