Website Services


Need help with a website, an app, or a content strategy? I’m your gal, plain and simple.


“Most sites are written after they are designed. How can you design an effective site without knowing what you are going to say? The truth is, you can’t.”

I create content strategies for sites that are easy to use, easy to read, and easy to find in search engine queries. I develop content that has a strategic purpose, whether it’s selling products or capturing leads.

More About Websites

Information Architecture

  • Intuitive

    Intuitive, logical organization of your menus, categories, and content placement creates better user experiences.

  • SEO-Friendly

    Search engines place a lot of weight on your menus and category hierarchies. I organize information so it is friendly for both humans and Google bots.

  • Scalable

    I create navigation systems that allow your site to grow to accommodate more pages as your budget or content increases.

  • Actionable

    Information architecture is the foundation for where sales copy and calls-to-action will be placed. It is the essential for good conversions.

Web Content

  • Strategies

    I develop content plans and strategies to keep your audience engaged and to keep your content aligned with the goals of your organization. This is all about planning, not writing.

  • Writing

    Good web content will get site traffic. Great web content will get customers. I craft web content to grow your business, not just grow your website.

  • SEO

    I write for humans but keep an eye on search engines. I maintain best practices in terms of search engine optimization, including stuff like keyword density.

  • Blogs

    Blogs can be more than SEO tools. They can tell your brand story and be repurposed into newsletters and social media sharing. I write blogs with a minimum contract.

Other Stuff

  • Apps

    Writing for apps is goal-oriented. Users want fast, clear and useful information with a discernible personality. I don't design apps, but I write them along with store descriptions.

  • Email

    elieve it or not, email is still the most effective form of online marketing, as long as you have a good list. I work with your designer or template provider to create email campaigns and newsletters of any length.

  • Ebooks

    I write short ebooks, depending on my schedule and your deadline. I use iAuthor and will turn the document over to you in that format for conversion into the appropriate store formats.

  • Social Media

    No, I don't do or use social media... I will refer you to someone who can help you.

“Every word on your site should contribute toward bringing in leads or making a sale. If you are trying to monetize a personal blog, you need to lean heavily on social media, which I don’t do.”