What Other Writers Charge

Very few writers include prices on their websites. These do, but I had to spend several hours digging through Google to find them. If you’d like to be included on the the list, let me know.

Am I crazy to include links to other writers? No, just fearless. I fall in line with other pros, and I’d rather you compare me to good writers than to bad ones.

John Kuraoka’s Prices

Kate Toon’s (Australia) Prices

Ken Norkin’s Prices

Mike Shreve’s Prices 

Lisa Banks’ Prices

Marie Summers’ Prices

Amanda Farmer’s Prices

Anne McColl’s Prices  (lists one price for “about page”)

Anne McAuley’s Prices (blog posts/$65 hour)

Samar Owais’ Prices (blogger)

Tiffany Jansen’s Prices

Sophie Lizard’s Prices (UK)

Carol Hansson’s Prices (Canada)

Lin Grensing-Pophal’s Prices

Kate Goldstone’s Prices (UK)