Why (Sometimes) I Don’t Get Hired

There are two reasons I don’t get hired. A potential client may not like my prices or I may say something he doesn’t want to hear. Sometimes, they amount to the same thing.

Let’s tackle the first issue, price, head on. Sometimes what clients ask for is not what they need. So the price is higher than they expect. Or they may not understand what is behind a price, such as the difference between scrolling landing page copy and short corporate content.

Sometimes my price is higher because I spend time thinking things through. That being said, if you like me but not the estimate, it may be possible to overcome the price barrier.

The second reason I don’t get hired is trickier to deal with. Many business owners take offense if I point out they have no brand or the wrong brand, or they lack a point of differentiation, or they are not clear about their benefits to their customers, to that they have failed to establish credibility. In essence, they take offense if I do my job.

I can talk through my reasoning with some business owners and they get it. They realize I am working toward an objective, not personal, dialogue. Other business owners feel I am being negative rather than helpful. They can’t get past my unpleasant questions. So they move on to another writer. Oh, well…