Why Most Marketing Plans Self-Destruct

The best marketing plan is not always the best marketing plan. I have created strong marketing strategies, only to see them crash and burn because…

  1. The client doesn’t understand and therefore can’t implement what I recommend.
  2. They may implement it piecemeal, refusing to believe that you either do it all or do nothing.
  3. Or they may go cheap on critical components, not realizing that they are being penny wise and pound foolish.

Of course, I warn clients that a marketing machine is thrown off when a screw is missing. But they are free to ignore me.

Some clients are too naive, or too scattered, or too impatient to deal with a sophisticated strategy. ┬áTo survive, these clients need to out-think and outmaneuver their opponents. I can provide the thinking part. But I can’t do the actual maneuvering.